Whether it’s a daily routine or you’re getting anxious for that 10 hour road trip, these 15 hacks will help you to feel as prepared and organized as possible for the journey ahead. Side note: They do not guarantee immunity from crying toddlers…sorry!

1. For a road trip: keep activities easily accessible.

road-trip-keep-activities-easily-accessibleKeep kids’ toys, snacks, and other supplies within arm’s reach by attaching suction cups to a shower caddy and mounting it onto the window.

2. For a road trip: put silicone muffin liners in your cupholders.road-trip-put-silicone-muffin-liners-your-cupholdersCrumbs and stickiness will become a thing of the past…in the car at least.

3. For a road trip: sheets on seats.road-trip-sheets-seatsGet crumbs all over the car? All you have to do is remove the sheet and shake out the mess.

4. Anywhere: toss dryer sheets in your suitcases.


5. Anywhere: put shoes in shower caps.

Anywhere-put-shoes-shower-capsKeep your clothes away from shoe dirt!

6. At the beach: put your phone in a Ziploc baggie.beach-put-your-phone-Ziploc-baggieYou know why…

7. Anywhere: wrap everyone’s earbuds and chargers around old gift cards.Anywhere-wrap-everyone-earbuds-chargers-around-old-gift-cardsGoodbye, tangled life!

8. For a road trip: Create a spill-free sipper.road-trip-Create-spill-free-sipperInsert a crazy straw into a cup upside down to keep the drink where it belongs and off your car seats.

9. Anywhere: roll your clothes to maximize space.Anywhere-roll-your-clothes-maximize-spaceEspecially beneficial on a flight when packing space is at a premium.

10. For a road trip: turn a plastic cereal container into a mini on-the-go trash can.road-trip-turn-plastic-cereal-container-mini---go-trash-canYour car floor will thank you.

11. Anywhere: keep art supplies under control.Anywhere-keep-art-supplies-under-controlFuture artists will love this hack from Stacy Vaughn. Simply add some paper and colored pencils to an old DVD case for an easel your child can take anywhere.

12.  Anywhere: add plastic wrap between your toiletry bottles and caps.Anywhere-add-plastic-wrap-between-your-toiletry-bottles-capsPrevent a liquid or gel explosion.

13. For air travel: bring along empty water bottles for all, then fill up at a fountain after security.air-travel-bring-along-empty-water-bottles-all-fill-up-fountain-after-securityGermaphobes need not comply.

14. For a road trip: keep sweet treats from melting.road-trip-keep-sweet-treats-from-meltingJust make sure they don’t get stuck in the vents (or go down them)…

15. For a road trip: use a shoe organizer for so much more.road-trip-use-shoe-organizer-so-much-morePlace an over-the-door shoe organizer on the passenger seat to store toys, books, emergency supplies, and more.

Have your own “travel hacks”? Let us know!