#Momming. There’s nothing like it. No deeper love, no greater vulnerability. No more challenging a job, and no more rewarding a journey.

We are a supportive tribe of doers, joined together in our #momming pride and #momming struggles.

We step up and say “you got this, my friend,” even when we might giggle just a little at the spit-up on your shoulders.

We’re a thumbs-up over the steering wheel at school drop-off, knowing we just might be partners in pajama bottoms.

We’re a “been there, done that” shoulder to cry on. We’re a glass of wine together after the kids are (finally) tucked tightly into bed.

Together, we rejoice, commiserate, laugh and celebrate this topsy-turvy journey called “motherhood.”

We’re all in this crazy club together – barreling down the tracks on a speeding freight train we call #momming.

So, join us. Climb aboard. And, be sure to buckle up. We’re all in for the ride of a lifetime.