Kristina Kuzmic YouTube Dads Childbirth Advice

Moms Get Lots of Childbirth Advice…But Dads Need It Too!

As Moms, we have lots of opportunity (about 40 weeks, usually) to get advice on how to best handle childbirth. What to expect, what to do, what to request…even what to demand, if we must! But, let’s face it. We Moms have a built-in toughness and strength that is never more on display than in those painful, stressful, wonderful, powerful moments of labor and delivery.

Dads, on the other hand? Usually…Clue. Less. Many never read any books or even talked to their more experienced friends. They didn’t watch a lot of videos or memorize pamphlets in waiting room lobbies. So, they show up in the delivery room often not really knowing what to expect. And, if your significant other is anything like ours? In hindsight, a little advice might have been a really good thing.

For those of you for whom it’s not too late? Kristina Kuzmic to the rescue with this hilarious video offering some advice for expecting Dads. So sit those fellows down, ladies. It’s time for a little Childbirth 101.

Some classics comments from Kuzmic’s video include:

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“If she asks you to rub her back? And then you’re rubbing her back and she pushes your hand away and says ‘STOP!’ Just stop. Don’t say something stupid like ‘But, you just asked me to rub your back.”

“I’m sure you’re really funny, right? After that first contraction? No one wants your jokes.”

Things NOT To Say: “Mind if I step out and take a little break?” or “Man, my feet are getting tired.”

Things TO Say: “You’re beautiful. More beautiful than you’ve ever been. It’s ok to lie.”

So, good luck to all the expecting Dads out there! We just know you’ll be great.

And, the truth is…once that bundle of joy lands in the waiting arms of its loving parents, no one will remember most of what happened anyway.