Alike Short Film Parents

Eight Minute Short Film Encourages Us To Keep The “Color” In Our Lives

It’s amazing the lessons we can learn through art. In this case, the lesson comes in the form of a short film that’s quickly going viral. The film introduces us to a father and his small son. As the movie begins, both Dad and little boy are in color. Dad packs up a bag of heavy school books, gets himself ready for his own job and then off the two go into the world. Devoid of color, other people are shown in grey shades, robotically commuting through their own lives.

Short Film Alike Parents

At one point, the young boy sees a musician under a colorful tree and clearly takes an interest. But, sadly, he is soon rushed back along the grey path to school.

What will become of the pair as their day continues? Will they lose their “color” as they trudge through the daily routine? Click to watch!Alike Short Film

Watch the Short here. 

While the film clearly carries some sad messages about the condition in which many of us exist, it also carries ideas of hope and love. Because, in the end, it is the love between parent and child that will always “brighten” our lives.