barber gives free haircuts for stories

Courtney Holmes is a barber and father of two from Dubuque, Iowa who recently took a day off from his job at a hair salon to attend a local community event that helps families get ready to go back to school. He set up shop at the event and noticed a table with free books, so he grabbed some books and and got an idea.

Kids started lining up for their free haircuts, but Holmes demanded payment – he asked them to read a book in exchange for his services, so kids from kindergarten through fifth grade started lining up for their haircut and to read him a book, or two or three. They were getting ready for school in more ways than one!

Holmes told People that he values literacy and reads to his boys every night, but that he knows not all parents do the same. “This is one small way that we can start something – to reach out to parents and let them know the importance of reading and making sure kids get the knowledge they need so that they don’t have to struggle through school.”

The story of Courtney Holmes providing free haircuts to children who read stories to him at the Back to School Bash has…

Posted by Dubuque Black Men Coalition on Friday, August 14, 2015

The Spark Salon, where Holmes works, is planning on keeping this program alive, and host a read for a free haircut event every month.

To make a donation to support this literacy program, and ensure that all children read on grade level, visit: