A cheerleader with Down syndrome was being bullied at a Lincoln Middle School basketball game in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The ignorant bullies didn’t stand a chance against the three basketball players who left the court to come to her defense.

After someone in the stands began criticizing cheerleader Desiree Andrews, some eighth grade players, Miles Rodriguez, Chase Vazquez and Scooter Terrien stepped in to stop it.

“A couple of us went over there and were like, can you guys just stop, that’s not right,” Miles Rodriguez, told WTMJ-4 News.

In honor of Dee’s enthusiasm and sweet smile, the school’s athletic director said he was going to hang a banner that proclaims the school’s gym to be “D’s House” — a nickname in honor of Desiree that has since been a powerful reminder of D’s confidence for players and coaches alike.

A community business owner saw the story in a newscast and said they would donate the banner.

Amazing kids, amazing girl, and a video of care and kindness that will bring you to tears.