Books Boys Gift Humpty Dumpty

2017’s Best Holiday Picks for Bookworm Boys

If you’re like us, there’s really no gift you’d rather than give than a book. Unfortunately, books aren’t often at the top of many kids’ wish lists. So, what’s a loving grand-parent, parent, aunt or uncle to do when we want to give a little literature but don’t know what to pick? Check out this great list of books available on Amazon today.


Accident! by Andrea Tsurumi $14.92

Because, most of the time, it’s an accident. Right? “Racked with guilt after spilling juice on an upholstered chair, an armadillo named Lola flees to the library. But, as Tsurumi’s catastrophe-packed illustrations reveal, everyone makes mistakes. Pots overflow, rockets misfire, whales sail through windows faster than you can say “Calamity!” It’s utter chaos and utterly fun.”

After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again) by Dan Santat $9.44

Embedding a terrific life lesson in resiliency, After the Fall is a must-have for early readers reaching for their first books. “Caldecott Medal winner Santat imagines the aftermath of Humpty Dumpty’s most infamous moment, turning a nursery rhyme most children and adults know by heart into an unforgettable exploration of trauma, anxiety, and fear—one that builds to one of the most moving and rewarding endings of the year.”

A Different Pond by Boa Phi $11.66

When books reinforce our own family values, we love them even more and “A Different Pond” fits the bill.  The story explores the beauty and importance of a ritualistic father-son outing and what it means to the family as a whole. “Vietnamese-American poet Phi’s childhood memories inform this hauntingly understated and atmospherically illustrated account of a predawn father-son fishing outing, just one of several ways the child’s immigrant parents work tirelessly to keep the family well-fed and cared for.”


I’m Just No Good at Rhyming by Chris Harris $15.38

Even boys who claim not to like poetry will have fun with this one. “Ridiculously entertaining is the best way to describe this first poetry collection from screenwriter Harris, jam-packed with observational humor, absurdities, and wordplay. The hilarious sniping between Harris and Smith in and around the poems and exuberant artwork is icing on the cake.”

The Lotterys Plus One by Emma Donoghue $14.28

Large family gatherings can be tough on middle schoolers (heck, tough on all of us!) but never more than when political discussions come into play. This tale teaches how different views don’t have to affect family love. “Room author Donoghue introduces a sprawling and very memorable clan whose freethinking ethos is given a jolt when a conservative grandparent is thrown into the mix. This is a found family well worth seeking out.”

Clayton Bird Goes Underground by Rita Williams-Garcia $10.76

A National Book Award Finalist, Clayton Byrd tackles complex issues of loss, family, and forgiveness. “The thrum of the blues serves as a backbone to Williams-Garcia’s powerful story…set in present-day New York City. An African-American boy named Clayton adores playing the harmonica alongside his bluesman grandfather, but when Cool Papa Byrd unexpectedly dies, Clayton is left to contend with grief and familial betrayal.”


Turtles All the Way Down by John Green $11.99

Another powerful page-turner by the author of The Fault in Our Stars“Centering on a missing billionaire and a teenager whose anxieties grip her like a vice, Green’s first book since the phenomenon that was The Fault in Our Stars is a raw, hard-to-forget novel about the power that mental illness can exert over a person’s life and relationships.” 

Vincent and Theo: The Van Gogh Brothers by Deborah Heiligman $11.20

As parents, we are often amazed by how different two children can be from one another. Turns out things have been that way for a long, long time and the Van Gogh brothers were no exception. “Heiligman delves into the fraught relationship between brothers Vincent and Theo Van Gogh, ‘companions in the search for meaning in life and meaning in art.’ It’s a thorough study of two highly dissimilar siblings.”

Timeless: Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic by Armand Baltazar $11.89

It’s hard to decide what’s better, the story or the illustrations in this 2017 book by Armand Baltazar. “You’ve never seen Earth like this before: continents reshaped, oceans re-formed, cities rebuilt, and mountains sculpted anew. Dinosaurs roam the plains alongside herds of buffalo, and giant robots navigate the same waters as steam-powered ships. This is the world Diego Ribera was born into. The past, present, and future coexisting together.”