boy brings two lunches for hungry friend

Josette Duran is a mom from New Mexico who has been packing an extra lunch for her son Dylan since the beginning of the school year without question. She assumed he was just really hungry and happily obliged until one day she happened to ask Dylan if he was getting enough food.

The reason he gave broke her heart, and made it swell with pride for her son’s actions. According to a report by CBS, he told her, “Mom it’s for this boy. He only eats a fruit cup for lunch. Can you make him lunch too? I don’t think he has lunch money.”

Apparently the mother of the other child had hit some hard times, and was unable to provide lunch for her son. The other mother actually found out about Dylan’s kindness towards her son, and offered to pay Duran back as she recently got a job and was getting back on her feet.

Instead of accepting the offer or any of the donations that came pouring in, they went to the school and paid off any outstanding balances in the cafeteria.

This story immediately went viral, and Duran was overwhelmed with the sudden fame. She did not expect the attention or the outpouring of support. According to a Thank You video she posted on Facebook, people wanted to give to her, which she declined saying, “I don’t think I did anything special,” continuing, “I did what a human being is supposed to do.”

After the story was picked up by the news, she says did actually get some hurtful messages questioning her motives. She says she absolutely did not do this to promote her business, nor did she want to point blame at the other mother or the school. She doesn’t regret helping the other little boy, but she does regret that the story brought out negativity and started more controversy than she ever imagined.

To those showing support and wishing to help, she says she doesn’t need anything, but encourages people to go to their local elementary, middle and high schools and give there.

“Give back to your local schools.”