Breastfeeding Marathon Mom

Insta Photo Celebrates “Motherhood, Endurance and Strength”

Sophie Power, who recently participated in the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc trail run through France, Italy, and Switzerland, is being lauded across the globe for a breastfeeding photo that’s now gone viral.

Strava, an ultra-marathon sponsor, captured the moment when Power stopped at a supply station. Her infant son in one hand and a pump in the other, the Mom took a few moments break from the race to feed her child.

In an interview Power later did with Runners World UK, she explained “Oh my God, I was in agony! Cormac usually feeds every 3 hours and it took me 16 to get to Courmayeur where he could first meet me so I was hand expressing everywhere I could en route. I was so relieved he was hungry!”

Power completed the incredibly challenging 107 mile race and shared a few posts of her own to social media, including these:

After her breastfeeding photo went viral and people continued to ask that she share her story, Sophie decided to do one last post.

And, we just love it.

…this isn’t a story about me. It’s a story about the daily struggle of being a new Mum. A story about the need to nurture our babies the best we can. And the importance to prioritise our physical and mental health – to be ourselves as well as be a mother. I have been overwhelmed by the positivity and supportive messages. They are for all mothers for we are all in this together #motherhood

We are all in this together.