Brooklyn Decker Gets “Trolled” On Instagram. And It’s Hilarious.

Many of us have been there. Lying in bed, peering over a bulging soon-to-be-Mommy belly and there they are. Cankles…otherwise know as swollen ankles so large that the calf and the ankle are indistinguishable. And, while we may disagree on how wonderful or horrible being pregnant can feel, there’s no arguing that distorted ankle shapes aren’t anyone’s favorite part of the process.

Actress and model Brooklyn Decker posted this pic on her Instagram account recently with the comment “I don’t even know where the leg ends and the foot begins anymore.”

We’re sure celebrities like Decker, particularly when posting a photo like this one, expect a few internet trolls to make disparaging comments. For example, among the first few comments was one saying “that’s gnarly…hopefully a doc is coming soon.”

In fact, the swollen Decker even laughed about some of the replies. When Instagramer @joeofsnark called her legs cankles she replied “@joeofsnark, so I shouldn’t wear these shoes tomorrow?” Decker also told @junediane, “I’m into them. I want to mold them and shape them into beautiful creations.”

But, what Decker (the wife of tennis-star Andy Roddick) might not have expected was this string of hilarious trolling comments posted by one of her closest friends, supermodel Chrissy Teigen.

Likely laughing at her friend’s comments poking fun at nasty Instagram trolls, Decker replied “@chrissytiegen link broke” to which Tiegen replied “@brooklyndecker thats weird prob too much traffic.”

Nice to see celebrities not taking themselves too seriously. Good luck to Brooklyn Decker with the rest of her pregnancy. Here’s hoping she gets plenty of opportunity to put her feet up.