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Victim Shares that the First Thing Bullies Said Was ‘”Get in the Water, B****.”

With an impaired gait and some trouble with his speech, school was already a bit of a challenge for 14-year old Brett Corbett. Corbett has cerebral palsy but, until somewhat recently, he still enjoyed going school. Then, the bullying started.

A video of Brett’s recent humiliation at the hands of classmates was shared on social media, where it quickly went viral. After viewing the video herself, Terri McEachern (Brett’s horrified Mom) pointed out that the teens filming can actually be heard laughing and calling her son a “f***ing little b****.” Here was the video shared by McEachern’s friend, Brandon Jolie.


Jolie commented under the video with the following:

“Parents; you failed this generation. The amount of teenagers that stood around and watched this happen, even took videos of it. I hope you watch this video, recognize your kid and feel the shame. To the little girl that stepped on him; you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

Everyone who knows this boy knows he has a disability. How fricken hard is it to show some compassion?? To stand by and not only allow it to happen but to take a video as if it’s a joke! It’s 2018, show some respect for eachother and empower eachother rather than claw other people down to build yourself up.

I think we need to take this situation and make change out of it. We need to look at our children and the lessons we are teaching, we need to play a more active role in their social life. Stuff like this happens because we don’t know what our kids are doing at school or with their friends. This needs to CHANGE.”

Bullied Boy CP Water

She couldn’t be more right.

“I just want what’s best for him,” Brett’s Mom explained. And, while the video shows just one student stepping on her son, she says three students actually did so as he lay face down in the water.

So, what happened to the bullies?

They were suspended.

For one day.

Brett told his mom that he forgives the kids, she said. “He’s such a forgiving person. He sees the good in everyone.”