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Bundling Kids Up For Snow

Winter is the season of cold weather, snow, ice, and the struggle of getting kids properly dressed to go outside. The Holderness Family shares their struggles in their new ‘Shoes Yourself’ video, a parody on Eminem’s hit song, ‘Lose Yourself.’

In the video Penn and Kim Holderness chase down their son Penn Charles to try to get him to wear a coat and hat, but he keeps running outside in shorts and a t-shirt, and it’s only twenty-three degrees out with snow on the ground!

You may think their kids are anti-jacket, hat, gloves, and boots because they’re just not used to the cold weather as they live in Raleigh, North Carolina – but watch until the end to see families from places that are cold all the time working overtime to get their kids properly geared up to go outside, proving that practice does not make perfect (or easier!).

Videos poured in from parents all over the world of their kids in various stages of proper winter dress, including freezing cold Minnesota, Colorado, Utah, even as far away and cold as Sweden!

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“This is a battle that we go through with our kids every. single. snow day. Thanks to everyone who submitted videos!! #Parody #EminemParody

Typically parents share these very family friendly videos with their kids, however, there is one section you may want to skip. The couple does a google search as to why kids make such a stink when being told to bundle up, and finds out that there is an actual ‘scientific reason’ for it.

Turns out kids just don’t like to be bundled up, they prefer to be free, and may be most happy when naked! Also, they move around more than adults, so they probably just don’t feel the cold as much as we do.

Google or not, we’re still making our kids wear jackets, hats, boots, and at least the one glove we can find when heading out into the arctic tundra – how about you?!