Carrie Underwood used to start her mornings a little bit differently before becoming a mom, but she says she wouldn’t change a thing. She shared this adorable photo of her ten-month-old son, Isaiah Michael, sitting, mesmerized by the television, which is clearly turned to Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Of course, now we won’t be able to get “hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog” out of our heads all day!

Underwood captioned the photo, “I used to watch the news in the mornings. Now I sit in the floor with my cup of coffee and this munchkin and sing the “Hot Dog” song! I think like it better this way! #whodathought #bestwaytostarttheday”

That is definitely something we can relate to. Add the fact that the coffee is usually cold or has been reheated countless times in the microwave before actually getting through it, and it’s basically our lives, but we agree, we wouldn’t change a thing either.