Dad Changing Baby Floor

“Emergency” Diaper Situation Leads Disgusted Dad to Change Infant on Bathroom Floor

We’ve often read about mothers who are forced to change babies in less-than-ideal conditions. But, it’s not often a Dad takes to the Internet to express his frustration. But, that’s just what happened after Christopher Mau was forced to change his daughter’s diaper on a bathroom floor. The restaurant they were in had no changing table in the men’s room. And, based on his Facebook post, the protective Dad was not too happy about it.

Dad Changing Table PostDad Baby No Changing Table

Mau’s post has since been shared almost 150,000 times and seen by 64,000 people. For the most part, commenters say “Bravo!” to the Dad for pointing out the gender -role assumptions in most public restrooms.

Yvonne Chaffee Prince said: I would have changed her right in a dining table! Orrr I would have gotten a female employee to stand with the door open so I could use the ladies room changing table. Sorry for your inconvenience and bless you for being a great dad. 😀

Another Dad, Joshua Frost commented: I love how this rant has taught some people, for the first time, that sexism can effect men too.

Christine Marie Ward offered some advice:  Sometimes women’s restrooms don’t have them either. 😢 When possible seek a “Family Restroom”. There’s more and more available.

Good advice from someone who’s probably been in the same situation! Good luck to Mr. Mau and his adorable daughter the next time they need a quick change.