Chrissy Teigan Mesh Instagram

Insta Followers Praise and Thank Teigen for Being “So Real” Online

Ah, the mesh panties. We almost wish they were an acceptable form of everyday fashion. But alas, their sweet comfort comes and goes just a few weeks postpartum. And, although Moms don’t often speak of these form fitting friends, we all have known them well at least once.

So, when celebrity Mom Chrissy Teigen recently shared an Instagram pic wearing her own mesh beauties, Mom followers across the country smiled knowingly. And then they took to their keyboards.

Chrissy Teigan Insta Mesh

Just a few of the awesome comments from Moms who appreciated Teigen’s post include:

  • mkrybicki915 You look amazing! Thank you for captioning the real life after birth!!! You rock!
  • autobotkp Love @chrissyteigen so incredibly down to earth and actually real! More celebrities should take note and follow suit!!
  • danasmith812 Such a beautiful, raw, and in the moment photo. Thank you for showing the “realness” of being a mother. Not only to a toddler, but to a newborn. ❤️ Your children are lucky to have such an inspiring mother.

And, we especially appreciated that it wasn’t just Moms praising Teigen. This comment, clearly from a man who respects #momming, came across the feed as well!

  • jackattack71814 THIS is exactly what the world needs to see! This is what a real mother looks like after having a baby. Thank you for showing more than just you looking fabulous 20 minutes after pushing a human out of your body 

Way to be, Chrissy Teigen! Keep up the proud Momma posts!