Dad Measures Cheesesteaks

Dad’s Pictures Go Viral…and Suddenly We’re Craving a Sandwich

Moms everywhere will remember those pregnancy days when you would “measure” your baby in terms of foods.

“Your baby is the size of a pea!”

“Now, it’s a lima bean!”

“Oh, you look like you just have a little melon in there!”

Well, one Dad in Philadelphia decided to keep the food trend going even after the his new baby was born! Yup, Brad Williams measured his son’s growth from birth to 12 months…using cheesesteaks. And it was a pretty efficient (and delicious!) way to chart progress, if you ask us.

Williams created a blog called “Cheesesteak for Scale” on which he documented month by month growth. Here are a few of the adorable pictures.

2 Weeks!

Dad Measures Cheesesteaks

2 months!

Dad Measures Cheesesteaks

6 months!
Dad Cheesesteaks Measures

One year!

Dad Measures Cheesesteaks

Such a funny idea. For the complete collection, check out Brad’s blog here.

What would your  husband measure with?