Gifts for Graduates

Eight Great Easy to Order Ideas for the Graduate From

It’s hard to believe but the time is almost here. Graduation ceremonies are right around the corner for many of our kids. So, what can you get them as a graduation gift that’s not just the same old same old? We pulled together a few “senior approved” ideas to share with you here.

Big Joe Luxe Faux Fur Chair

Let’s face it. When it comes to dorm rooms, decor matters. We promise your graduate would rather be the host than the traveller when it comes to socializing. Help them create a space that their friends will want to hang out in. $87.99Puff Chair Graduate Gift

Bluetooth Speaker Aroma Diffuser

Offered in a variety of colors, this awesome new device offers your grad connection to his/her tunes and a better smelling room. Win-win. Remember what we were saying about having the “cool room?”  $33.99Graduation Gift Diffuser Bluetooth

Ready-To-Go Portable Shower Caddy for Boys


Ready-To-Go Portable Shower Caddy for Girls

Because communal showers…ugh.  Boys $39.88 or Girls $45.99Boys Shower Caddy Grad GiftsGirls Shower Caddy Grad Gift

Two State Engraved Keychain

We just loved this idea. Your graduate may be changing states during the school year but home awaits. Let their keys reflect both with this cool duo-home silver keychain. $29.98Sherpa Soft and Warm Weighted Blanket

It’s been proven that weighted blankets can help with sleep, easing anxiety and stress. Without the price of the certified blankets, this affordable Sherpa blanket offers it’s own heft and comfort, too. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. $39.99Eat More Pizza Pennant

Well…because, of course. Who doesn’t love pizza? $22.95Personalized Durable Canvas Weekend Bag

So, we’re secretly hoping they’ll mostly use this to visit us. But, even if they’re headed elsewhere, they’ll make a good impression with this practical, durable bag. $127.99Good luck, graduation Moms! You’ve given them some pretty amazing wings and now they can fly.