hysterical ultrasound video

Couple’s Hysterical Ultrasound Story

There are some things that you keep to yourself and there are some things that are just so out there that you can’t help but share.

Over 5 million people have watched this couple recount what happened during a routine ultrasound appointment. This video is 3 minutes long, but that’s only because it’s so hard for them to get through the full story without completely cracking up.

There’s so many ways a trip to the gynecologist for an ultrasound could be awkward, embarrassing, maybe a little amusing, but typically it doesn’t cause this kind of hysteria. Rachel McQueen and her husband Chris seem to be completely in sync with their sense of humor (very lucky for him, otherwise he would be in big trouble!).

They took to Facebook to share their story, and the video has gone completely viral. It’s also uploaded on their YouTube Channel, MotherHood Madness.

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Rachel starts telling the story, explaining that everything was going great after the ultrasound, typical checks, cotton swab, the whole thing, you know the drill.
She continues, “After that, things get a little heated there in the ob ultrasound room, so he gets him some gel and when I think everything’s going fine, Chris how did I go again?”

Chris explains what happens from his vantage point, and his impression of his wife cracks Rachel up (this is the point where she could have hauled off and smacked him, but instead she shares his sense of humor).

“Oh, OH What have you put in there It’s hot. You got to go, you got to go.

“I’ve got the ooooooh,” Chris continues, quoting his wife when she was reacting to the burn she felt. He actually has to stop driving and pull the car over because he’s laughing too hard to drive. Rachel is laughing so hard she’s crying, but continues to explain what happened saying, “He grabbed the wrong bottle.”

“He put hand sanitizer up there,” Chris chimes in.

She asks for anyone out there to share a story that tops theirs.

Not sure that’s possible, but we’d love to hear. Leave your story in the comment field below or on Facebook!