crayola holiday hero video

Create A Video, Be A Holiday Hero

Win points with your whole family simply by creating and sharing a Crayola holiday video! It’s simple. Have your kids create a holiday masterpiece, use your phone to record a brief video of them proudly displaying their artwork and wishing everyone a happy holiday, share away and boom, you’re a hero.

Your kids will be psyched because their creation will be featured for all to see vs. just hanging on the fridge in your kitchen – and we all know how much they love seeing themselves on film! Grandparents will love seeing videos of their grandchildren, and will no doubt brag, we mean share, with all of their friends. The rest of your friends and family will be impressed by your creativity, and that you actually found the time to make such a cool video (little do they know it’s super easy!).

There’s also a chance that your video will be featured on the Crayola facebook page. They’re selecting video submissions and sharing them throughout the holiday season.

Here are the simple step-by-step instructions to create your video:

  1. Go to on your phone or mobile device
  2. Record a :15 or less video of your kids holiday artwork and share a happy holiday message
  3. Share your video using the tools provided by Crayola

Below is a video Crayola created using a few of the videos created so far.

Have fun with it & happiest holidays to you & yours!

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Allowing children to express their creativity is so important (and fun!).