dad tricks daughter on flight

Flying can be difficult. But flying across the country, with a 3-year-old, on Halloween is especially tough! One dad made the best of the situation last night though when he got everyone on the flight to help make his daughter’s Halloween special.

On a flight from Boston Logan Airport to San Francisco International Airport, just after take off, a dad distributed a note with some candy explaining the situation. It read, “Happy Halloween! My 3-year-old daughter, Molly, was bummed that she wouldn’t be able to go trick-or-treating this year due to this flight… so I decided to bring trick-or-treating to her. If you are willing, when my little donut comes down the aisle, please drop this in her basket. You’ll be making her Halloween! If you’re unwilling, no worries, just pass the treat back to me. Thanks so much!”

Stephanie Kahan, who happens to work for Twitter, then tweeted a photo of the letter along with a glimpse of little Molly dressed as a donut, trick-or-treating her way down the aisle. She deemed Molly’s father, “Dad of the year” and the Internet let out a collective, “awwwwww.”

Kahan’s tweet was met by news outlets immediately who flooded her Twitter feed with requests to republish the photos, and asking for more details. The dad actually wished to remain anonymous, but Kahan gave permission to share her tweet.

She told the Huffington Post that other passengers on the flight were actually “thrilled” to be a part of Molly’s Halloween experience. “When she got back to her seat, the dad asked if she had fun, and she said she was ready to eat the candy,” she added.

Here’s to some creative thinking on the dad’s part, and some pretty awesome passengers on the flight. As much as little Molly was able to enjoy Halloween, we’re guessing she made Halloween special for everyone aboard that flight!