Dad Pool Post Ladder

Video a Terrifying Warning to Parents Everywhere About Pool Safety

A baby is coming any day now. What do we do as soon-to-be parents? Baby-proof everything! Of course. And, when it comes to a backyard pool, we do the same. Safety is priority number one so we check and double check. That’s what the Wymans did, too. Or so they thought.

Keith Wyman and his wife were sure they’d checked all the boxes when it came to making their pool safe. So, when Dad caught his two-year old in a Spiderman climb up what they thought was a childproof ladder, they were shocked. And extremely glad they were watching as it occurred and avoided a possible tragedy.

After the startling discovery, Wyman shared his video to Facebook.

Baby Climbs Pool Ladder

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Whoa. There’s 2-year old Cody doing his best Spidey impression on a locked ladder attached to the family’s above-ground pool.

Wyman wrote “So I’m posting this video after I found my 2 year old Cody trying to climb our pool ladder when it was closed and locked,” Wyman shared. “I just got it with the new pool. Tonya and I stress you to watch your kids around pools. I will be buying a new type of ladder!! Kid has some serious upper body strength.”

Time to get a new ladder. And probably a fence!