There have been many instances where parents have taken to social media to teach their child a lesson by publicly shaming them. Initially, this video by Wayman Gresham seems like yet another example of a dad shaming his son for bad behavior when all of a sudden, it takes a welcome twist with Gresham saying, “There’s no way in the world I would ever embarrass my son like that. It doesn’t take all of that.”

Gresham then provides some insight on what it takes to be a good parent. “Good parenting starts before he even gets to the point of being out of control,” continuing on that it is also, “letting your child know that you love them regardless of what they are and who they are and showing them by example.”

A simple message, but a powerful one that has over 20 million views!


It’s time for me to discipline my kid the tough way! Why? I don’t play that!

Posted by Wayman Gresham on Wednesday, May 27, 2015