Dance Dad Embarrasses Daughter

30 Seconds of Dad on Cubs Jumbotron is 30-Seconds Too Long for Mortified Teen

It’s embarrassing enough for teenagers when we, as parents, do anything that might draw attention to ourselves. But, doing something to draw attention to ourselves on national tv?! Horrendously embarrassing. But, one Chicago Dad wasn’t going to be deterred from showing off his dance moves at a Cubs game. And, if you ask us, his daughter’s horror at her father’s “flossing” may have only encouraged him to go for it a little longer.

Check out this hilarious clip posted to YouTube by Major League Baseball!

Dad Dances Embarrasses Teen

Click HERE to watch video!

The daughter’s reaction is so priceless! Way to go, Dad.

And, hey, you floss a lot better than many of us, too!