Dads Who Play Barbie

Why Are These Men Playing With Barbies?

The latest advertising campaign by Mattel titled, “You Can Be Anything,” features men playing with Barbies, but they’re not just any men, they’re dads.

These real dads are featured playing with their daughters and Barbie dolls. The scenes are said to be completely unscripted, and are 100% adorable.

The “Dads Who Play Barbie” videos feature these special daddy daughter duos on the Barbie YouTube channel. All of the dads in the video initially say they aren’t really into Barbies.

“I’m a typical man’s man,” one dad says while sitting in his garage next to his adorable little girl.

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Another dad sits on the floor of his daughter’s bedroom with her snuggled up beside him, and says, “I grew up with four brothers. We did mostly boy things.”

Our favorite though, might be the dad who emphatically says “Love playing with Barbie, but I only play with Ken. Ken only.” Cut to the next shot, and he’s got a brunette Barbie, in a doll house yelling in a very high pitch voice, “Help! There’s a fire in my building! Help!”

According to AdWeek the campaign was created for Mattel by BBDO San Francisco, and was introduced this past weekend during the NFL playoffs.

Kristina Duncan, VP of Global Communications for Barbie told AdWeek, “We looked for families that consumers could not only relate to in one way or another, but that had a true and honest connection between them,” she said. “These play moments were completely unscripted, so throughout the campaign you will see imaginations run wild, genuinely funny moments, and of course the sweet tender connections between these dads and their daughters.”

There are five videos in all. There’s ‘Doctor,’ ‘Teacher,’ Paleontologist,’ and ‘Firefighter,’ which are all :30 spots. Then there is a full length ‘highlight’ reel that features a little from each of the spots, which can be seen below.


“Time spent in her imaginary world is an investment in her real world. Watch as real dads play Barbie with their daughters. Join the conversation #DadsWhoPlayBarbie