Mom Friends on Beach Viral

Heartwarming Image of Best Friends on Beach with Photo of Friend Who Died Goes Viral

Twitter user @KrisMichelle_ shared a beautiful photo of her mother with her best friends on the beach in Florida.  The five friends (part of a BFF group they called the “Sensational Six”) are shown holding a photo of another friend between them. That friend, the missing sixth, had recently died from cancer.  The tweet has now gone viral.

Mom Friends on Beach Tweet Viral

How beautiful are all of these great ladies? Happily together despite the tragic loss of a dear (and certainly not forgotten) friend.

Mom Friends on Beach TweetKrisMichelle_ told her local television station (Fox5) that the husbands and children had stayed home and that a “nice young lady” had taken the photo from on her mother’s iPhone. The friends didn’t recall the woman’s name at the time.

Something tells us the mystery photographer will know her shot’s gone viral soon! The image has been retweeted more than 68,000 times and share to countless other media outlets.