presents are dumb holderness

Holderness Family Nails It With Hilarious New “My Presents Are Dumb” Video

In another laugh-out-loud song parody, the Holderness Family husband sings about the “challenges” of trying to buy presents for his wife. Set to the familiar “Little Drummer Boy,” the video features Husband Holderness singing to an in-studio microphone (tambourine in the background) and donning his Christmas sweater. And, as we’ve come to expect in Holderness videos, the hilarity ensues from there.

Opening his song, we learn:

“I get stressed when Christmas time comes.

Because I’m gonna spend some of my income

on presents for my wife. She’ll think they are dumb.”

And, sure enough…Holderness Momma opens her first gift to reveal…a Mrs. Meyers soy candle. Her priceless expression shows she’s not exactly overjoyed with the non-toxic, chemical-free, unscented choice.

“You say get me anything, I can’t read your mind.”

Well, yes, we know our husbands can’t possibly “read our mind.” But maybe, over the other 364 days a year, they might pick up on a thing or two we enjoy?

“How about a book of yummy recipes?

She’s like ‘Oh great, so now I have to cook these?'”

And then there’s the check-out line purchase, the athletic socks and…well, we won’t spoil the outfit for you. Let’s just say…the title of the song (“My Presents are Dumb”) may have been the best decision he made all season.