epic father daughter wedding dance

The cutting of the cake, the first dance, the best man’s toast, the mother son dance, and the father daughter dance, there’s so much tradition that goes along with a wedding.

At a recent wedding in Utah this past October, the father daughter dance started as the traditional dance does so often. 25-year-old Mikayla Ellison Phillips and her father, Nathan Ellison dance slowly to the typical daddy daughter wedding dance tearjerker, “Butterfly Kisses.” They speak quietly to each other and all eyes are on them, when the record skips and M.C. Hammer “Can’t Touch This” starts playing.

The two don’t miss a beat, and jump right into character, donning sunglasses and striking disco poses as the crowd of over 400 wedding guests give realize what’s going on and give a cheer.

Typically seeing a dad getting down on the dance floor might be cringe-worthy, but not this dad. He shows everyone that he’s got some serious moves as he gets down to an epic mashup of songs ranging from M.C. Hammer to the Sugar Hill Gang’s “Apache (Jump On It),” to LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem,” to Peaches & Herb’s “Shake Your Groove Thing,” and the list goes on – they even had some Bollywood music in there!

The video has been viewed over 7 million times!

Phillips told TODAY that it was her dad’s idea and it took some time before she agreed, but she’s so glad she did. “I’m his only daughter, and the oldest,” Phillips told to TODAY. “This was his only chance to do something like that. And so it was actually his idea to do the dance!”

Her dad shared some words of wisdom to everyone watching him on YouTube, especially the dads out there, he implores them to, “NEVER PASS UP A CHANCE TO DANCE WITH YOUR DAUGHTER!”

And now you know why there’s such a spike in the number of dads with daughters out there taking dancing lessons!