Nursing Mom Explains Why She’s So Tired in Totally Relatable Series of Pencil Sketches

Many of us have been there. Walking around like a bit of a zombie, infant attached to us one way or another, trying to slog through another day feeling totally exhausted. So, what happened when Mattea Goff‘s husband asked why she was in such a bad mood? Well, she may not have even had the energy to explain it to him. Instead, she drew him a few sketches explaining what her night looks like. And then shared them in a hilarious Facebook post that’s gone viral.

Here’s the post!

Tired Nursing Mom Sketches Exhausted

The hilarious drawings are so relatable that the post has been shared more than 250,000 times!

Exhausted Mom Sketches

Since the viral post, by the way, the hashtag #uselessnipples (see above) has also popped up all over social media! Haha.

Exhausted Mom SKetches

Exhausted Mom Sketches

Mattea’s husband and his still #uselessnipples sleep on, despite sharp fingernails and some spit up.

Exhausted Mom Sketches

And, after a long sleepless (at least for Mattea) night, morning comes. Baby snoozes happily. And baby’s well-rested Dad thinks a “snuggle” might be a nice idea. Hahaha.

Exhausted Mom Sketches

We just loved this whole series! Looks as though so many others loved it too! Mattea later posted to Facebook that she’s started a new page called Stick With Me – home of #uselessnipples. The page will feature more fun comics and sketches about motherhood. Give her a follow! We know we will.