Firefighters New Dads

Seven Firefighters Become New Dads and Pose With Babies in Crazy Cute Firehouse Photos!

A group of firefighters in Glenpool, Oklahoma have recently found themselves tackling more than fires together. With seven babies arriving within months of each other, many of them are new Dads tackling fatherhood, too!

In an exciting (and unplanned) turn of events, seven of the station’s firefighters became Dads between February 2017 and April 2018. So one of the new Moms decided to try to organize a photo session and capture the whole cute crew together. The result was these awwwww-inspiring pictures and a great story from ABC News.

New Dads Firefighters

“After a few of the babies were born and several of the mommas were still pregnant, Allysa Shanks (mom of Saylor) had seen some inspiration pictures on Pinterest. She told the other moms that she thought we should do a photo shoot shortly after the last baby was born,” fellow mom Avery Dykes explained in her Facebook post. “Of course we all jumped on board because who doesn’t love hunky firemen and babies, put them together and that is bound to make a great photo!”

Firefighters Dads Babies

“It was crazy! We were all trying to get our babies to look and smile,” Dykes said, adding that she was using toys to grab the children’s attention. “Someone compared it to herding cats.” 

Here’s the complete list of the new babies and their proud parents.

Jovie Gray Dykes born Feb. 7, 2017, to Kendall and Avery Dykes.

Cohen Miles Todd born May 26, 2017, to Dusty and Melanie.

Saylor Rene Shanks born July 31, 2017, to Sam and Allysa Shanks.

Bodie Owen McMurrian born Oct. 27, 2017, to Kyle and Amber McMurrian

Henley Noel Hutchinson born Jan. 8, 2018, to Dusty and Sarah Hutchinson.

Kadance Joyce Groom born Jan. 12, 2018, to Darin and Miranda Groom.

Gracie Lynn Whitney born April 20, 2018, to Mick and Carrie Whitney.

Congratulations to all!