Brothers Remember Dad at Sisters Wedding

Heartfelt Song Featuring Dad’s Voice Plays as Brothers Dance with Emotional Bride

Wedding days are supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives and for Kaley West Young, it mostly was. But, it was also a heartbreaking reminder that one important person couldn’t be there – her father. Kaley’s father, David, passed away three years ago before her wedding date. But, with some time, preparation and a lot of love, her brothers found a way to make sure their Dad was there in spirit.

As you might expect, each of the new bride‘s brothers sweetly offered to dance with their sister during the traditional father-daughter dance. Unwilling to choose one over another, Kaley decided she would dance with each brother for a short time during this emotional point in the reception.

But, that wasn’t all that happened. Kaley’s brothers secretly decided to make the dance even more special for their sister by playing a song that included short clips of their dad’s voice from home videos interspersed throughout the song.

Grab your tissues. Here’s the emotional video.


When Kaley was later interviewed by MSN she said “I was struggling to even stand. I was trying to keep myself composed, but honestly the only thing that I felt was complete love.”

Well done, gentlemen. Well done.