New Debate Tearing Up The Internet Over Color of Sneakers

Are they teal and grey or are they pink and white?   A great debate was sparked on Twitter today when @tfildolands tweeted a photo of her friend’s new Vans sneaker.  Quickly, the divisive color of the shoe sent the internet into a “teal vs. pink” spiral.  Next thing we knew, the next “what color is the dress” internet-fury was born.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook lit up with debates over the “obvious” choice.   The TODAY show even posted an online poll for viewers to weigh in with their own opinion.

Good news, however.  Unlike the gold (or was it blue?) dress, answer-hungry Twitter users didn’t wait long for the big reveal.  The owner of the shoes did quickly settle the debate by posting another photo of the sneaker, explaining flash just distorted the color.

And that settles that.  Until the next time…