The Holiday Crunch Has Begun.  Get a Jump on Gifts for Your Little Superhero.

We know. Halloween is barely past and it’s hard to start thinking about Thanksgiving much less December. But, like it or not, the holidays are quickly approaching. Why not save yourself so last-minute angst and get a jump on gifts for your favorite little superhero fans. Here are a few easy ideas for your caped crusader that won’t break the bank.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Superman vs Batman

Here’s a new take on an old classic. Who among us didn’t love taking out a little sibling aggression in the form of a good old’ Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robot battle? Superman and Batman star in this new and more portable edition.
$19.99 Promising Review: “My 3 year old son and I both adore these!! It’s cool to not have them stuck in the ring like the classic robot version, it gives more options when playing and it’s really fun to see what his imagination will come up with.” – Valerie Alexander

“Even Superheros Have Bad Days”

As many of us know, managing feelings of sadness after a hard day can be difficult for kids. This book by Shelly Becker includes some great lessons for tackling bad-day challenges.

$10.48 Promising Review: ” I love how the author reassures kids that it’s okay to have negative emotions and it’s even okay to pout and grumble but at the end of it all, superheroes, the guys our kids look up to, turn those negative emotions into something positive.” – Marg G

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Dress Up Costumes with Felt Masks 

Five superhero capes and five masks made out of satin and felt? Sounds like hours of safe, creative play to us. Sold.
$18.88 Promising Review: “These are the cutest capes I bought these for my grandson and he was so happy.. The material is so nice and the masks are made out of a thick felt. I’m pretty sure I won some extra points with” – Nilda D

Gund DC Comics Wonder Woman Bunny

One look at this cute bunny and we knew we had to include her in this list.  Sweet and soft…made by Gund and girl power.
$15.32 Promising Review: “The bunny is very soft and cuddly and the outfit is sewn on… which in my house, where all doll clothing always seems strewn about that is a HUGE bonus!” – StubbornBrunette

3D Batman Light

Your little one’s own version of the “bat light” over Gotham City, this affordable 3D night light offers some comfort from the dark. The light offers touch button controls, seven different colors and connects easily to a regular power source.
$18.99 Promising Review: “My 9 year old loves this. Lights up his entire room but not to bright so it’s a perfect night light.” – T. Weverka