girl paralyzed doing backbend

Girl Paralyzed After Doing Backbend

ABC7 recently made a visit to the family of Eden Hoelscher, a five-year-old from Rancho Palos Verdes who was paralyzed from the waist down after doing a simple backbend in her living room.

Just two days before Christmas, Eden was doing a backbend when she fell and started crying, complaining about pain in her legs. Her mother, Kylee, told reporters that she told Eden to move her legs, but she couldn’t, so she picked her up and tried to right her, but her legs gave out below her. “I picked her up and just tried to sit her down on the floor and her legs just buckled.”

Kylee rushed her daughter to the hospital where the doctors performed an MRI and determined Eden “had hyperextended her spine and caused the artery that feeds her spinal cord to stop pumping blood, causing a stroke in her spinal cord. The extent of damage is unheard of. Her stroke was in T8/9, she stretched the ligaments in T3/4, and the damage extends up and down her spinal cord from T2-T12.”

According to the GoFundMe Page, ‘Stand for Eden,’ which was set up by a friend of the Hoelscher family, little Eden was always very active. She “started walking at 9 months. Her first birthday pictures are filled with fat-lip smiles from a tumble the day before. She potty trained herself at 18 months. She had a hematoma in her ear from a fall when she was around 2. An adrenaline junkie at the park, around 3 years old, she begged for me to push her super high on the swings. She lost her grip and did a complete flip off the swing, landing in my arms as I stood (thankfully) underneath her. She learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels on the first ride. She did a flip on the bars a couple weeks into kindergarten and fell flat on her back, got up and went into class when the bell rang.”

Which is why this horrible accident is so hard to believe. But it also gives a glimpse into little Eden’s spirit. She is not going to give up on her goal which is to walk again, and someday be a ballerina. Doctors can’t say whether or not this will happen, but so far her progress in physical therapy has been very impressive.

The GoFundMe Page is just a few hundred dollars shy of reaching their $60,000 goal. A list on the page gives donors an idea of what the money raised will be used for, including:

1. Medical bills so far ($28,000)

2. Renovations to house for accessibility ($10,000+)

2. Flight to Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore ($2,800)

3. House rental in Baltimore ($5,000)

4. Car rental in Baltimore ($1,100)

5. Caregiver at home ($675/week)

6. Upsee Kit ($499.00)

7. Scooot ($595.00)

Eden is back at school, and goes to physical therapy three days a week. She’s headed to Baltimore next month, and then on to Louisville for intense physical therapy and locomotor training.

To donate visit the Stand for Eden GoFundMe Page and be to to share Eden’s story to help meet their goal!