grandma buys inappropriate book for granddaughter

Grandma Buys Hysterically Inappropriate Book For Granddaughter

Grandparents spoil their grandchildren. It’s what they’re programmed to do. So when one grandmother saw a cute picture book in the bookstore called, “If Animals Could Talk,” she bought it for her six-year-old granddaughter Emmersyn. According to BuzzFeed, Emmersyn’s mom Tiffany said her daughter was already an avid reader. So a book as a gift was the perfect choice, right? Well, not quite. This is where the old saying, “never judge a book by it’s cover” takes on a whole new meaning.


Tiffany posted a picture of the book and the caption, “I’m dying. My mom bought this book for my 6 year old and I just called to ask if she had actually opened the book. She hadn’t.”

Here’s a little peek of what was inside the book:

The manatee says:

grandma bought inappropriate book
via Twitter @Tiffany1985B

Then there’s the weiner dog who had this to say:

granda inappropriate book weiner dog
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And the cat, which Tiffany captioned when she shared this on Twitter, “Might be the most accurate one ”

grandma inappropriate book cat
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Many people thought Tiffany caught this prior to letting her daughter read it, but she quickly let them know that unfortunately was not the case. She posted that husband sat to read the book with Emmersyn, only to be shocked when she started reading and said, “I don’t even know what this means.”

To which he replied, “Did your mom get this as a joke? Is this a serious book?”

grandma buys inappropriate book
via Twitter @Tiffany1985B

Some parents might have been horrified, but Tiffany laughed off the innocent mistake, as it’s actually because it was such an innocent mistake that makes it so funny!