Alien Maternity Shoot

Canadian Couple Captures Horrifically Accurate Movie Details

When Todd Cameron stumbled across a replica of the space baby that bursts from Sigourney Weaver in the movie Alien, he knew he had to buy it.

His pregnant wife Caroline had recently been talking about how much their baby had been moving in utero. Todd laughed when she described it as feeling like she had a little alien growing inside.

And, buying that replica gave Todd the idea for one unforgettable photo shoot.

He knew his wife would be game for the photo session, too. They both love Halloween, always dressing up and acting as scary or gory as they possibly can. In fact, the pair met one Halloween night but didn’t speak much because Caroline was dressed as a bloody zombie that night…and of course, zombies don’t really talk.

And, sure enough, the idea “came to life,” so to speak. Here are just a few of the images from the gory, crazy-realistic session with photographer Li Carter.

Alien Maternity Shoot

Alien Maternity Shoot

Alien Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity Photo Alien

Alien Maternity Shoot

The two have reportedly named their new “offspring” Burston. According to Todd’s Facebook post, you can “Follow young Burston and family’s adventures on Instagram: @burstonoutcameron

Well, if nothing else, we can certainly say they were committed to authenticity!