18-year-old twins Aly and Anders Bonville have been attached at the hip for their entire lives so, it only makes sense that when Aly graduated high school Anders was right by her side.

Anders, who was diagnosed with autism at 2-years-old, is nonverbal and often gets overwhelmed by crowds and loud noise, which left Aly and her mom Benida unsure about how he would react to walking across the graduation stage at Oak Mountain High School in Birmingham, Alabama, with his sister. Holding onto Aly’s arm, and relying on the special language that he had developed with his sister, Anders persevered with an enormous smile spread across his face. Aly, a talented musician, was thrilled that she was able to celebrate such an important life moment with her brother.

Although Anders has difficulty communicating Aly could tell by looking at his eyes that he enjoyed their joint procession. She told TODAY.com, “He shows a lot of emotion through his eyes, so I could tell he wanted to say ‘I did it Aly, I did something really cool.'”

While Aly will go on to Auburn University in the fall to study music without Anders their close bond, and mutual love of music, will not be broken.  “There were so few things we were able to do as a family and one of those things was music and that was so special for all of us,” Aly said. “I love music because I realize how much it brings people together.”

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And it certainly brought Aly and Anders closer! Such a touching story and example of an amazing sibling bond.