Awkward Things Ppl Say Six Kids

Got a Big Family? If So, Perhaps You’ve Heard A Few of These CRAZY Things People Say.

Jenny Evans has six kids. Yes. Six. And she knows this because, in addition to giving birth to SIX said children, she also knows because random strangers feel the need to point it out. Regularly. In public places. Like the grocery store.

So, Jenny took to her blog (Unremarkable Files) to talk about the comments she hears about her large family. And, the hilarious way she wants to respond to even the nuttiest of the nutty things people say.

For example, when recently in line to check-out with two children in tow, a gentleman approached her.

“Wow,” he said. “You’re busy.” Evans replied with a smile that she actually had four more at home.

“Oh,” was his reply. “I’m sorry.”

Wait. Did you just say you’re sorry my kids exist?

Sadly, though, the man in the grocery store is not alone. Evans shares a number of other eye-rolling comments she’s heard including this one…a favorite of ours and likely one that many Moms of big families have at some point actually heard. Ready?

“Was that planned?”

Evans says that “to the credit of humankind” she has only heard that beauty of a comment once. Her first thought? “Really? Really? You want me to discuss the details of my family planning with you in the middle of Kroger?!”

We bet those of you with more than a couple of kids have likely heard other doozies. Share them with us!