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Wife Defends Snarky Viewer Comments in Second Video as Response to Critics

When vlogger Crystal Gibbs posted a new video on her “Beauty by a Bell” YouTube site she expected people would get a laugh from it and maybe a few would share it. Her regular make-up application tutorial this time featured her husband doing the voice-over. With a little bad language and a lot of snarky commentary, Crystal’s husband wound up generating a lot more than laughs from her viewers!

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In the video, titled “What Men Really Think When You Do Your Makeup!,” Gibbs’ husband doesn’t miss an opportunity to tease (if you look at it one way) or shame (if you look at it another) his wife.

He peppers his comments about the “peeps candy” she uses to apply make-up to “her beautiful face” with other not-so-gentle observations.

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For example, when she applies some concealer to her chin he quips “Maybe this will help hide my f**cked up double chin!” Oops…not so sure that one will go over so well.

A briefly sweet moment when he says “Cute duck face, honey” quickly turns cringe-worthy when he quips that her eye-shadow makes people think she “may have been the victim of an assault.”

Needless to say, reviews of the video were mixed. Some commenters felt Crystal’s husband was verbally abusive and “kind of a d*ck” while others thought it was one of the funniest video they’d watched in years.

The video quickly went viral and, thousands of comments later, Crystal decided to reply to the critics directly with a new video. Here’s her response.

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So, what do you think, Moms? Horrible husband? Or are we all taking the commentary a bit too seriously? We know where we stand on it. But, how about you?