Baby Ultrasound Legs

And, No, Your Baby’s Big Kicks Won’t Cause This…

An image recently shared by Live Science on Twitter showed an “extremely rare condition” where a woman’s uterine sack was torn and her baby’s legs were sticking out! Shocking, yes. But, also very, very rare, experts say.

A report about the incredible ultrasound explained that the Mom, a 33-year old woman whose five previous children were delivered by c-section, developed a tear about 1-inch long in her uterus. Subsequently, her amniotic sac popped through the hole…along with the baby’s legs!

Never feeling a thing, the unsuspecting Mom learned of her child’s wayward legs during her 22-week ultrasound. What a surprise! Doctors, of course, closely monitored the pregnancy after their unusual discovery. By 30 weeks, the tear had doubled in size and the sac now contained the baby’s legs and abdomen! At that point, doctors decided a c-section was in order.

The now famous “legs-baby” was born at 3 pounds — tiny but clearly a tough, little fighter. Six months later, all is well and the baby (and Mom!) are healthy and happy.