Jennifer Garner Ellen Mothers Day Rap

Actress and Mom Garner Joins the Ellen Show to Celebrate Moms

We already knew we loved Jennifer Garner, and not just for her acting prowess. Since becoming a Mom, the actress has shared many hilarious and honest moments with us on social media. In her life as mother to Violet (12), Seraphina (9) and Samuel (6), she has shown how closely her life as Mom mirrors ours. From wearing a jacket handmade by her daughter, to discovering a rock (a geode, specifically) in her pocketbook, Garner feels like someone we’d gladly pull over to chat with in the carpool lane.

So, when she joined this year’s Mother’s Day celebration on the Ellen Show, we weren’t surprised.

We were surprised however, when she busted out this hilarious rap music video she’d produced for the occasion! Check it out and enjoy!

Happy Mother’s Day to you, Jennifer. And to ALL OF YOU amazing Moms out there!