Celebrity Mom Jennifer Garner Says Yes to “Yes Day.”  Will You?

You remember.  Don’t you?  Remember those very early days of parenthood when every waking moment seemingly revolved around fulfilling the ever-changing needs and desires of your new little bundle of joy?  Feed, play, nap (laundry), feed, play, nap (dishes), feed, play, nap (take-out?).  Chances are you either recall those foggy days or you’ve shoved them deeply into the once sleep-deprived recesses of your brain never to be seen again.

Would you go back?  Celebrity Mom Jennifer Garner did.   And, you just might too if you celebrate an annual “Yes Day” (based on the popular book of the same title by Amy Krouse Rosenthal) with your own children.   This year, Garner’s Yes Day fell the day before National Coffee Day and, according to the actress she “never needed it more.”  Her three children — Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5 — asked their mom to sleep in a tent.  Embracing the “Yes Day” spirit, she conceded.

So, depending on what their little hearts most desire, your day might start with ice cream and close with an all night, backyard movie marathon.  It may begin with a dance party and end with a dash through the sprinklers.  No matter the request (within reason, of course), the answer is YES.

For better or worse, it appears that “Yes Days” (and the exhaustion that may ultimately accompany them) continue to sweep parenting nation.  Are you ready?

Oh.  And next year’s National Coffee Day is September 29th.  You’re welcome.