jessica biel mornings just like yours

Jessica Biel makes mornings work by getting up “always two hours before (she’d) really like to.” She says she gets up bright and early to spend time with she and her husband, Justin Timberlake’s 10-month-old son Silas Randall.

In her Instagram interview with The Skimm, she shed a little light into her morning routine, which she starts every day “eating breakfast with my kid (and) listening to Erykah Badu while I eat my kid. We love her.”

Our favorite answer is what she said to their question, “Complete the sentence: Woke up like this: Disheveled, running late, doing too many things at once and underperforming all of them; but pretty thrilled about mediocrity! Could be a lot worse, guys. A lot worse.” 

We can relate, Jess, we can relate!