Social Media Followers Share A Variety of Remedies for “Cankles”

Desperate times call for desperate measures. That’s why Jessica Simpson turned to Instagram on January 10th for some advice on a common pregnancy problem…her very swollen ankles!

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Any remedies?! Help!!!!

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“Any remedies?! Help!!!!” Simpson pleaded to her followers.

And help, they did.

Some suggested a quick trip to the doctor’s office but others had more creative solutions.

kris_tee222 suggested “Stay away from salt

amynielsolnyc said “Oh honey, I had the same problem. Compression socks (you’ll have to have someone put them on for you, which is hard) and then put those puppies on a pillow with some ice!!

love_me_williams thought “apple cider vinegar” would do the trick

livie.fletcher suggested one we hadn’t heard before when she said GRAPEFRUIT AND LEMON OIL rub it in”

Compression socks were another frequently voiced idea.

A week later Simpson posted a little update. And, while it didn’t appear that she’d lost much width around the ankles, it was clear that she still kept her sense of humor.

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#tenyearchallenge (📸 @backgrid_usa)

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Laughing about the popular Ten Year Challenge posts we’ve all seen on social media lately, Simpson shared her own!

sparklyjack‘s reaction was pretty typical of the reaction to Simpson’s latest share when she laughed “I’m dead. There needs to be a 24 hour news feed dedicated to poor Jessica’s condition! Get better!”

The good news is, it looks as though Jessica DID get better. And the solution was (at least in part) one that we’ve heard many athletes turn to but we never knew it as a solution for swollen ankles. Cupping!

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Cupping 🙌

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And, sure enough, the next day Simpson shared some proof of considerable improvement!

Jessica Simpson swollen ankles improved

Let’s hear it for SKANKLES.

Did anything in particular work for you, Moms?