I LOVE YOU! is the message Jimmy Kimmel wanted his viewers to drive home to their dads for Father’s Day, and drive that message home, they certainly did!

For this year’s Father’s Day Challenge, the late night talk show host thought it would be amusing to ask people to sneak up on their fathers and scream, “I love you dad!” as loud as they could, and to also make sure they captured the dad’s reaction on video. He admitted that he didn’t really have high hopes for hilarity with this particular stunt, and that it might not work, but he said he was “very, very wrong.”

Watch and be prepared to laugh. Groups of kids sneak up on sleeping fathers, a few dads are surprised while cleaning pools, and some are caught with their pants down either in various states of dress many in the bathroom. One dad is enjoying his Father’s Day as many dads do, on the golf course when his back swing is interrupted.

Almost all of the dads have more than a few choice words for their adorable cherubs!

From Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! YouTube, “Every year we issue a Father’s Day YouTube Challenge. In years past, we’ve asked you to spray your dad with a hose, to serve him breakfast in the shower but this year the challenge was simple. Just sneak up on your father and yell “I love you Dad” as loud as you can. We got hundreds of videos, we went through all of them and whittled it down to the best of the best and with that said, we invite you to feel the love in our 2017 Father’s Day YouTube Challenge.”