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Facebook Post From Proud EBT Card-Carrying Mom Goes Viral

Nicole Marso recently took to social media to share an experience she had at a local grocery store. Since she posted her thoughts about Moms using food stamps, her words have been shared 68,000 times and 8,500 people have commented their words of agreement and support!

Marso started her post with a simple picture.

Food Stamps Viral Post Mom

“YUP. that’s me with an EBT card. Now hold your horses before you come at me with your political correctness. 😒”

Then Marso continued her post by sharing her grocery store experience. And what she witnessed, and her reaction to it, has the internet cheering.

“Today I was at a local grocery store in the self checkout and a mom with 3 youngins was in front of me. She was doing her best to try to keep 3 littles calm while she checked out. After she got all her goods scanned and kept her tiny offspring as quiet as she could she went to pay… and as she did I heard a lady behind me, with her nice LV purse, iPhone X in hand, big rocks on her fingers and wrists, nice shoes (you get the picture). Say loud enough for everyone in line to hear but quiet enough to sound like a total bitch “Of course she’s paying with food stamps” *insert eye roll*  The mom looked back at me in embarrassment in which I responded “do you boo, your kids are adorable.” 

Here’s Marso with her own child. As she continued her post, we learn more about the early days of motherhood for Nicole and why she related to the poor woman being judged at check-out.

Mom Food Stamps Viral

“Now let’s talk about me. I was that mom. I went to self checkout in hopes no one would see me paying with an EBT card, I avoided checkout lines because what would the cashier think. 

So why do I still have that card? Missing corners, faded out. Because I know where I came from. When I stopped using food stamps I was so proud, I kept saying throw that thing out but I never did. And today, I know why. It’s a constant reminder of where I was. 

So to you, fancy woman with the nice shit that judges a mama with an EBT card eff off. 
No, they don’t eat steak and lobster they ration they’re monthly allowance between turkey sammichs and formula and water bottles. 

Every time I buy groceries and enter my debit card into the stupid chip thing I remember when I had to swipe my EBT to feed my family. 

So instead of judging a mom with a food stamps card, remember we aren’t all born at the top, some of us have to build that way. 

We’re all moms out here doing the best we can. 

Food stamps fed my kids while I was building a business. 

Not everyone is here for a handout.”

Amen, Nicole.

Thank you for the reminder that we’re all doing the best we can at this incredibly challenging job we call #momming.