Kelly Ripa doesn’t mix words when talking about her kid’s privacy and social media. There is no gray area, if it’s out there on social media, it’s fair game.

“If her children put it out there, she’s going to read it — end of debate.”

Ripa says that she respects her children’s privacy, but that ‘If you want to keep a diary instead of Instagram, then you will have privacy. I will not read your diary, but if you’re going to be on Instagram, I’m going to read that, because that’s not private. That is social media.’ That’s how we work it out in our house.”

“We’re in outer space as parents!” she added. “[When I was a kid] we had one phone, it was in the kitchen, and if we wanted privacy, then we would have to stretch the phone cord as far as it could go down the basement stairs.”

The Today Show posted a poll asking parents what they thought about following their kids on social media, asking “Should you track your kids on social media?” to which an overwhelming number of parents said that it was their “duty as a parent” versus the handful that said, “No, it’s an invasion of privacy.”

I follow my kids and completely agree with Ripa in her views on privacy. The right to privacy ends the second you post something the whole world can see, (especially if I’m the one paying for the phone you used to post it)! As a parent it’s my responsibility to keep my children safe and provide them with guidance.

What do you think? Do you, or will you follow your kids on social media?