Kristen Bell Frozen Figurines

Kristen Bell’s Daughters are Apparently Team Elsa.

She’s a busy actress, comedienne, wife (to actor Dax Shepard) but Kristen Bell took to Instagram recently and shared a photo of her daughters’ Frozen figurines. Bell, as you likely know, was the voice of Anna in the hit Disney animated movie that captured the hearts of little girls nationwide and beyond. It appears, however, that her daughters Lincoln (4) and Delta (2) have chosen a clear favorite between Bell’s character Anna and her movie sister Elsa. How do we know? Well…

Insta Kristen Bell

“This will be the cover of my autobiography and it will be titled ‘My children keep me grounded,” Bell captioned.

Apparently, many of her Instagram followers could relate to feeling taken down a notch by their kids! Over 330,000 people have liked the picture and thousands commented their LOL approval of Bell’s hilarious share.

Follower gailmorspor said “Hahaha… I’ve felt like doing this myself for four years now… thank you, I feel better now.”

Another fan, adrienne_may, offered Bell comfort with “Hahaha well just so you know, Anna is my daughters favorite. Everyone tries to get her to like Elsa and she always says ‘No, Anna!’ ;)”

And sparkleschelle shared some loving perspective on decorating with children “Welcome to the best part of your life! (and I have 4 sons…and one year, I gave up on ornaments and just let the boys decorate the tree with hot wheels!)”

The “best part” of your life. We agree, sparkleschelle. It’s pretty darn great.