Momsplaining Video

We Love Kristen Bell’s Hysterical ‘Momsplaining’ Series

Kristen Bell knows parenting is hard, and no matter what anyone tells you or how much you read, nothing can prepare you for becoming a mom – but she’s going to try in her new video series, ‘Momsplaining.’

Bell is an actress and mom to two beautiful daughters with actor husband, Dax Shepard, daughters Lincoln, 4, and Delta, 3. She is also the star of a new original video series in collaboration with Ellen Degeneres, called “Momsplaining with Kristen Bell.”

The digital series is sponsored by Olly Nutrition, a vitamin company, and features Bell trying to help provide words of wisdom (with a huge side of humor) to a first time mom-to-be who is immediately overcome with emotion upon meeting Bell and starts crying. Bell consoles the woman by saying the crying is normal due to the pregnancy hormones, but also because “I’m a pretty big celebrity.”

All of the videos begin with Bell letting people know why she’s there, explaining, “Parenting is hard AF. I created two tiny humans, does that make me an expert? Not exactly. But I do know moms can learn from each other. And I want to share what I know.”

Bell attends a prenatal class, asks some very “interesting” questions about what happens post-birth to women’s bodies, and visits her actual “lady doctor,” Dr. Hakakha who watches as Bell conducts a practice delivery “Lion King” style.

Bad Moms” co-star Kathryn Hahn joins the ladies for lunch where they continue to share tips with the mom-to-be, like making sure she steals everything from the hospital, like the special pitcher they give you for ice chips, the huge pads, and most definitely the lovely mesh underwear.

When the waiter brings a watermelon to the table, Bell uses it and an elastic to provide a visual of what happens “down there” while giving birth. The elastic snaps as she attempts to push the watermelon through it, and we’ll just stop right there.

Video number two features Bell and pregnant mom of two trying to plan her 7-year-old’s birthday party. As luck would have it, her daughter wants a “Frozen” themed party. The duo head to Party City and collect pretty much every Frozen themed birthday decoration which they set up at a park for the party.

Somehow Bell has a blender at the park, which she uses to whip up a batch of frozen margaritas. As she distributed them to the moms at the party she says, “Cheers ladies. To doing the best that we can.”

We’ll cheers to that!

In episode three Bell sits down with a group of kids to discuss some rather interesting topics ranging from, how to blame a fart on someone else, the birds and the bees, and how much wine their moms drink. The moms watch from behind a two way mirror, slightly horrified.

Bell’s final words of wisdom for the youngsters is to tuck their moms in that night and put themselves to bed, which one girl exclaims excitedly, “I always wanted to be a mom!”

Too cute.

The remaining three episodes are scheduled to be released throughout the month of February on the Ellen YouTube channel, the Ellen App, and Ellentube.