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Just In Time for School, Mom’s Gag-Worthy Post Goes Viral

A New Zealand Mom of two was recently horrified when she peeled back her kids lunch box tops. In her Facebook post, Grace Bollen explained how she accidentally discovered the hidden danger of mold in some popular lunch boxes!

“So today, something in me prompted me to pry open the glue in the kids lunch boxes,” she wrote. “I saw a little black spot in the corners while washing. This is what I found. I’m absolutely appalled. I feel awful that my children have been eating lunch out of these.”Lunchbox Mold Revealed

Mold in Lunchbox

The yellow and green lunchbox pictured above is less than a year old!

Another, a blue one, was just nine months old and looked like this:

Lunchbox Mold Revealed

Gross! Here’s the post Facebook post in full.

Mold Lunchbox

Grace quickly brought the situation to the manufacturers’ attention and updated her original post to share the companies’ responses: “I have been in touch with both Stuck on You and Lunch Box Inc. and they are working to rectify the problem with the manufacturers and make them water tight. Please check with your supplier if there are any issues with yours.”

Good advice from a Mom who learned the hard way!