Maternity Shoot Supermarket

Hilarious Maternity Photos in Texas Supermarket Go Viral

When photographer Lauren Giles got the first call for a maternity shoot with Amy Scott, she expected the usual routine. A shot with Scott’s adorable two boys. Maybe a shot taken in an open field?  The nursery? Something like that. And, yes, the images Giles took that day were certainly beautiful. Like this one, for example.

Supermarket Maternity Shoot at HomeBut, during that session Giles and Scott hit it off nicely and the two brainstormed a fun second shoot! Giles explained on her website,

“After all the precious-silly moments captured at home, Amy (mama) and I chatted and dreamed up a fun maternity shoot. Involving one of the stores that we spend probably most of our time at, the grocery store! After a few phone calls and emails later with management, I had the date set and made our way to HEB (where “Here Everything’s Better”). I don’t know about you, but what pregnant lady doesn’t love the grocery store!”

We know we sure did!

Maybe that’s why these pictures have hit home with so many Moms. Most of us can relate to that extraordinary pleasure of a scoop of creamy ice cream or salty pickles, whichever the preference.

Supermarket Maternity Shoot Lettuce

Ok…one healthy item (roughly the size of Mamma’s bump!)

Then onto the good stuff. Like…

Maternity Shoot Supermarket Popcorn

Supermarket Maternity Open IC
Why wait?

Supermarket Maternity Shoot Ice CreamHave spoon, will travel.

Oh, ok. And, maybe we should grab one not-so-exciting item, too.

Supermarket Maternity Shoot Tums

Yup. Been there, too, Amy.

Especially after all those pickles.